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Completion of the online membership application form will initiate probationary membership status.

Probationary members will be issued an attendance card via post approximately two weeks after form completion.

Probationary members must attend at least three (3) club events before financial (full) membership can be granted. These can be general meetings, club runs (Rollin’ Rumbles) or any combination thereof.

The probationary member must have their attendance card signed off by a committee member at each attended club event.

Once the mandatory event attendance has been completed, the committee and current members will vote on the commencement of financial (full) membership for the probationary member.

The committee has the absolute (final) right to reject the probationary member’s application without disclosure as to the reason.

Once a probationary member has been voted by the club and committee to become a financial member, annual membership fees will be due for payment at the next attended event and membership welcome pack will be despatched via post.

The committee have the right to revoke any membership if they find the member does not conduct themselves in a manner complimentary to the club and its ethics.

For members wishing to take advantage of the NSW Historic Conditional Registration Scheme
(historic rego) please read the club regulations Historic Conditional Registration Scheme

I have read, understand and will abide by the terms and conditions of Regals Mopar Car Club